Llamas, Giant Angora Rabbits, Angora Goats..oh my!…..we wouldn’t be the same without them!!



We would be lost without these amazing animals in our lives. 2HF(formerly HHLF) is now known as HICKORY HILL FIBER FARM, a fully established Llama breeding farm that has introduced Giant Angora Rabbits and Angora Goats in 2015!  We pay special attention to fiber, conformation, substance, style and that special loving disposition in all our animals. We have now gone into our fourteenth year and our llamas just keep getting better.  In 2015 we have added Giant Angora Rabbits AND Angora Goats to our fiber program.  Please also check out Paul’s landscaping and vast selection of plants available. Thanks for visiting…..and be sure to look around!!

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